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The Role of Third Party Investigators

Conducting workplace investigations are risky for any organization. In addition to solving and fixing the issue, companies must assure that the ownership and its assets are protected while also limiting the company’s attorney exposure in his/her own case.On the line is not only the survival of the company, but the need to travel through and emerge from the setback with dignity and confidence. Critical to achieving this is the investigator’s talent and integrity.

Do you even have the resources to:

  • Resolve the matter quickly?

  • Keep the business running?

  • Prevent it from happening again?

This is where third-party investigators have a decided advantage over your internal resources. They have no inherent biases and a mandate to keep sensitive information from internal staff and external eyes. Further, third-party investigators protect your attorneys from becoming witnesses when they conduct the investigation on your behalf. When executed, compliantly, comprehensively and with court-readiness in mind, third-party investigations can place the organization in a stronger defensible position and ultimately create a safer and healthier work environment. No two investigations are alike. With each step of an investigation, there are additional paths to explore and questions to raise and answer. Third-party investigators are trained to secure information in a logical sequence and dissect the relevant factors. Critical to every investigation is being prepared to step into an adversarial situation. Yet, at the same time a professionally executed investigation with air tight documentation may prevent the court room scenario. Third-party investigations can minimize the time necessary to resolve issues and avoid costs associated with heading to court. Benefits of outsourcing workplace investigations:

Saves you time. A trained third-party investigator has the experience, the requisite skills and can manage the entire process for you.

Mitigates risk. Trained third-party investigators thoroughly understand the process of conducting a professional investigations, the concepts of procedural fairness, as well as other legal complexities.

Uncovers complex crossovers. Third-party investigators can manage any potential issues that may arise from the complainants, witnesses and respondents.

Gives you unbiased facts. Armed with impartial facts helps the company manage negative reaction resulting from the investigation. You need third-party rapid reaction investigation team that can understand your sense of urgency when your business is vulnerable. Look for investigators who will engage with you, eye to eye, to grasp your concerns, plan a course of action and execute until the desired outcome is achieved. Contact Tiffany for a private consultation. Direct Dial: 724-888-2405 Cell: 724-561-4027 Email


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