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Risks are inherent to any system but do you know what they are? CSI experts help you identify your vulnerabilities, formulate detailed solutions and make them a reality.

CSI Risk Management.
Insightful observation, precise recommendations.

It’s not easy to take a critical look at the security of your own organization especially after a breakdown has occurred. But smart executives know the flaws must be found and treated to avert future disaster.

CSI deploys a wide array of experts and analysts who examine your physical and electronic systems for structural and procedural weakness. Your investment gets you a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and a blueprint for improving your integrity.

Objective security experts. Not security system vendors.

A full-spectrum security analysis

Realistic, cost-effective and common sense recommendations

Clear, professional reports that make it easy to proceed to action

How we help you control risk.

CSI has the services to confront and control your risks.

Vulnerability Analysis

Physical Security Assessment

From the front door to the back door and everything in-between, CSI experts look at your world and design solutions which protect you and your assets.

Emergency Planning

Emergency planning, integration and training

CSI works to ensure that your emergency protocols fit your needs, are synced with first responders and are understood by your staff.

Security Policy

Security policy and procedure development

CSI develops and memorializes the details of your day to day security operations. This ensures your staff have consistent procedures to follow and clearly understood polices all year long.

Security Camera

Cameras and security equipment

As an objective expert, CSI provides you with “state-of-the-need” recommendations with an eye toward cost and benefit. CSI ensures your systems are properly designed to deter and gather intelligence on a stable and user friendly platform.

Live View Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Video Surveillance

Get visibility where you didn’t think it was possible, practical or affordable. CSI Security brings you LiveView, an amazingly simple, plug-and-play remote video camera system that streams 24/7 live video and data from even the most remote locations, without the need for power or an Internet connection.

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IT Forensics

IT forensics and security

CSI experts dig into your system to find the breach and recover the clues. CSI analysts provide you with insight into the best cyber security practices to prevent future complications.

Security Training

Commitment-Based Security Training

An encompassing safety and security program is only realized when stakeholders are empowered to protect themselves. CSI’s proprietary commitment-based approach is delivered to your team through direct and customizable training modules.

Check Out CSI’s Academy of Investigation and Protection – Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
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Executive Protection

Executive Protection/Personnel Security

CSI offers trained and certified, uniformed and plain clothes security officers to protect corporate executives, celebrities and others requiring protection.


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