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CSI Facts to Act™ Background Investigation. Comprehensive, clear, actionable, affordable. For the maximum edge that investigative information can give you.

6 key qualities of a high quality background investigation

The difference between a typical online background check and CSI’s comprehensive, high quality, truly useable background investigation is like night and day. If the information you are seeking relates to a mission-critical decision or action, make sure your background investigation is high quality.


Using original source documentation, the most reputable databases, and up to the minute social media channels, CSI reports can be trusted as truthful reflections.


Decades of solicited feedback from our customers has enabled CSI to configure our work product into a clean and comprehensive retelling of the subject’s story.


Because we analyze and organize the results, you will not spend time sorting through details which are extraneous to your subject.

Process for Success


CSI Listens. Before we do anything, we gain a clear understanding your goals. At no time will you receive, much less be billed for, output that is not aligned with your objectives.


Relevant points are made clear and supported by the necessary details and documentation that allow you to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

A Better Report


Like the light of day, these reports are revealing. There is no room for error. They are a permanent record of a human life upon which critical decisions are made. Therefore, its contents cannot be assembled with anything less than total accuracy and attention to detail.

What kind of Background Investigation do you need?

As a full service investigation and risk management firm with high standards, CSI has the obligation to only offer the most comprehensive intelligence resources legally available in the market. Here are some of the most common background investigations that help our clients.

Pre-Employment Background Investigation

Pre-Employment Background Investigation

Get a true picture of the person you might hire. The hiring, training and firing costs associated with a bad hire are high. Yet low-cost, cursory background checks do little to reveal the misrepresentation and non-disclosure that can result in a bad hire. CSI gives you a high quality, cost-effective alternative.

Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence Investigation

Big investment decision? Make sure your gut feeling is informed by hard facts. Financial stability, litigation histories, assets, and backgrounds – CSI finds the facts that matter about the executives or companies, that a low-cost internet background check simply would not reveal.

Civil and Criminal Background Investigation

Civil and Criminal Background Investigation

A thorough CSI civil or criminal background investigation reveals information not found in pass-fail internet scans designed to eliminate a person from an entry-level work position. A CSI background investigation includes not only the public access records in criminal matters, but also the essential discoveries in civil matters, such as protection-from-abuse orders, liens, and suits filed for or against the subject and business partners.

Asset Investigation

Asset Investigation

Uncollected Judgement? Hidden Assets? CSI can help. We get the tough cases and we get results. CSI has unraveled hundreds of complex asset recovery cases, and recovered millions. We’re experts at finding hidden assets and can greatly increase your chances of a fruitful recovery.

Death and Locator Searches

Death and Locator Searches

Rely on CSI’s investigative expertise to help you locate persons for estate matters, hospital or next-of-kin notifications. CSI also works with people seeking to reunite with lost family, kin or birth parents. CSI is mindful of the sensitive nature of these activities and, as always, is mindful of the uniquely confidential nature of such investigations.


CSI Corporate Security and Investigations, Inc. is an Associate Member at The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), which was established to promote a high level of ethics and performance standards for the background screening industry. With the help of this true resource, CSI has the tools and connections to advance and maintain standards of excellence while staying compliant and up to date on all legislative news in an ever-changing regulatory environment.


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