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SB 553 Compliant Workplace
Violence Prevention Program

A comprehensive program for your business to safeguard operations and protect your employees through the development of a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP), training, and assessments in accordance with California Senate Bill (SB) 553.

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Senate Bill 553

California’s SB 553 requires every employer in the State to implement a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan due to the rising number of violent incidents throughout the State. SB 553 authorizes CA OSHA to enforce the WVPP’s and its associated requirements through citations and notices.

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP)

  • Procedures for involvement of employees and authorized employee representatives in developing and implementing the Plan. This includes active participation in identifying, evaluating, and correcting workplace violence hazards and overall compliance with the plan.

  • Methods for coordinating the implementation of the Plan throughout all departments. 

  • Procedures for responding to actual and/or potential workplace violence emergencies incident response and investigation

  • Trainings that are tailored to an organizations culture and current processes, that not only prepares employers on the response of incidents of workplace violence, but also instructs employees on the recognition and prevention of such incidents.

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