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Specialized Locate Services

Professional skip tracing tailored for you or your business through proprietary databases and open source information gathering.

Locates for Law Firms

Assist in the location of witnesses, defendants, heirs, or insured's and even facilitate with contacting or assisting with process of service when necessary.

Next of Kin Locates

Locating next of kin for patients who are incapacitated and require a relative to make decisions on the patient’s behalf.

Corporate or Private Locates

Confidential locates for missing persons, and general locates. 

"I have been using the services of CSI Corporate Security and Investigations, LLC for many years to locate defendants for service purposes and to do assets checks.  I have always been very pleased with the services they provide.  They are courteous and provide fast and accurate results.  They are my  first choice when I need assistance finding someone for legal service of process!” 

Amy Bevan,

O’Connor Law


Nicole Stanec  - Director of Investigative Research

Nicole is CSI's POC for locate services. She has been with CSI’s background research department since 2010 and became Director of Investigative Research in 2014. She earned a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University. 

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