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Conducting workplace investigations are risky for any organization. CSI will urgently and discreetly react to your most difficult problems ensuring you are quickly restored and well-positioned for the future.

Professional, third party investigation is your best protection.

CSI provides professional 3rd party investigations nationally and internationally for Corporate 500 Companies, law firms, and small businesses.


Regardless of organization size, an employer may be faced with allegations of employee misconduct, embezzlement, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, bullying, retaliation, substance abuse, social media and company policy violations.


Seldom initial information provided to the employer is totally accurate.  Our professional experience has shown that generally initial information has either been embellished or diminished, intentionally or unintentionally.   There is an inherit danger in making a “rush to judgment” before an objective and thorough investigation based upon facts vs. speculation has been conducted.  It is most dangerous to take premature action that may lead to successful lawsuits against the employer for wrongful discharge, retaliation, defamation of character, harassment, breach of employment contract and discrimination.


The key in conducting these types of investigations is demonstrating and documenting that you take the allegation seriously by conducting a prompt, fair,  thorough and objective independent investigation.


CSI emphasis is placed on showing respect to all parties involved in an investigation, and treat them the same regardless if they are employees of interest, witnesses, or co-workers.


CSI’s goal is to provide you with sufficient documented evidence in order to make a good business decision, and take appropriate corrective action, when necessary, minimizing potential liability.


Although a company may have a sound internal investigative unit and HR department, there may be times a conflict of interest is involved depending on relationships and positions involved. CSI provides an unbiased independent investigation.


CSI will also be able to provide you with consulting recommendations if desired in order to navigate through the most sensitive and delicate allegations.

CSI has a diverse, efficient unit of investigators focused on your mission. Meet the Executive Director of our Investigative Unit

Dr. Tiffany Wilfong

Tiffany Wilfong

Doctor of Criminal Justice
Executive Director of Investigations

W:  724-888-2405  C:  724-561-4027

Ms. Wilfong is responsible for managing CSI’s investigatory staff within the Investigation and Surveillance departments. Throughout her tenure with CSI, Ms. Wilfong has conducted: 


  • Workplace/professional investigations involving, but not limited to sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying, hostile work environment, employee misconduct, time/wage theft, and company policy violations.

  • Criminal and civil investigations involving, but not limited to homicide, sexual assault, drug and weapon charges, and automotive accidents.

  • Sensitive interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects.

  • Undercover investigations in both private and public sectors.

  • Presentations on topics of:

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Workplace Violence

    • Active shooter

    • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

    • Disruptive School Management

    • School Safety & Healthy Children


Her judicial experience encompasses testifying in criminal, civil, and family courts.


Ms. Wilfong is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and continues to instruct classroom and online courses related to Criminal Justice.  In addition, she is a Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Pressure Point Control Tactics professional.


Ms. Wilfong has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, a Master of Science degree in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice, and a Doctor of Criminal Justice degree.

What kind of Corporate Investigation do you need?

CSI is your partner in protecting your company, for a wide range of corporate investigations.

Workplace Violence Investigations

Workplace Violence Investigations

Harassment, intimidation, coercion, threats, violence, weapons or threats of weapons in the workplace all result in diminished performance by all employees.

Fraud / Workplace Theft Investigations

Fraud / Workplace Theft Investigations

Fraud in the workplace takes numerous forms but losses are ultimately economic and can be devastating to a company.

Sexual, Racial, Age or Other Harassment Investigations

Sexual, Racial, Age or Other Harassment Investigations

The employer’s burden to show that prompt and effective remedial action was taken, typically includes the thorough investigation of the allegation.

Substance Abuse Investigations

Substance Abuse Investigations

Absenteeism, decreased productivity, rising insurance costs, liability expenses, accidents, injuries, and deaths result from employees abusing legal and illegal substances.

Strike Planning, Management, Resolution, and Labor Disputes

Strike Planning, Management, Resolution, and Labor Disputes

CSI helps businesses to develop Strike Plans, implement them, and ensure continued productivity of those who continue to work.

Undercover Workplace Investigations

Undercover Workplace Investigations

CSI can insert covert operatives into the workplace in a multitude of disciplines to ascertain evidence of suspected misconduct, dereliction or other threats to your business.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Intellectual Property Investigations

The prevalence and availability of information through electronic means requires specialized skills to investigate the improper use, conveyance, counterfeiting, or other such fraud.

Other Corporate Investigations

Other Corporate Investigations

Expert witness testimony; competitive intelligence; corporate espionage protection; non-compete violations; background screenings; vulnerability analyses; security surveys; compliance training; workplace accident reconstruction and investigations; informational technology reviews; forensic computer investigations; litigation discovery support and analyses; and due diligence investigations.

Learn more about how CSI third-party investigation gives you the advantage in a workplace investigation.

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