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Effective Workplace Investigations

Companies need to have a strategy in place for all workplace investigations, and key to that success is the investigator’s ability to uncover the facts in the case and secure the truth.

There are certain characteristics an effective investigator possesses:

Knowledge of the Law Investigators cannot effectively operate unless they know the law. Knowing what is legal and what is illegal during the course of an investigation avoids the potential for serious complications.

Research Skills Before the investigator even leaves the office, research must be conducted and information must be analyzed. This critical step reveals tendencies and patterns which leads to a more efficient and successful field investigation.

Field Experience While technology has greatly impacted investigative work, much still needs to be done human to human. The investigator’s ability to move among people to get information or observe them discreetly is fundamental. Both a science and an art, investigators must be skilled at extracting information from the unwilling and secretive who would rather not reveal what they know or do.

Ingenuity and Tenacity There are times when the investigator must be willing to get creative in his or her information gathering when they face obstacles and challenges in their search for facts. Effective investigators will refuse to give up.

Integrity and Confidentiality Investigators deal with personal and confidential information. An effective investigator maintains strict levels of confidentiality and handles all cases ethically and professionally.

Every investigation is unique unto itself. The facts and circumstances dictate the parameters of the investigative plan. Any strategy that is formulated must be executed by someone. Professional investigators will provide you with the expertise that affords flexibility in strategic planning as well as implementation. When you hire an investigator, it is important to take your time and make sure they have all of the traits needed for your investigation to be as successful as possible. To learn more about Effective Workplace Investigation, contact CSI’s Lead Investigator Tiffany Wilfong. Call (724) 888-2405 or email her at


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