Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance refers to using electronic, photographic, audio recording, and other technological equipment to monitor activities from a distance. CSI routinely uses covert investigators to observe, monitor, and document the targets’ activity for use in future legal proceedings. CSI employs state-of-the-art equipment and investigative techniques which are designed to ensure that evidence is obtained in accordance with applicable laws and ethical guidelines. Investigators position themselves in clandestine locations, follow in surveillance vehicles, and imbed in the workplace, for example. Then, our investigators stand ready to provide testimony of their activities and observations in the appropriate forum.

Workers Compensation Fraud
Fraudulent accident claims cost billions of dollars annually in claims costs and lost time. Covert surveillance using state-of-the-art equipment is designed to capture the malingering claimant’s actual condition and limitations, if any. Our surveillance intelligence aids corporations, insurance companies, claims adjusters, self-insurers, and third party administrators with the knowledge and facts to make informed decisions.

Workplace Misconduct
Surveillance via pre-positioned cameras or from investigators will capture and document any type of workplace misconduct including, but not limited to, substance abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, harassment, bullying, theft, threats of violence and violence, illegal contraband, time-card manipulation, and other fraudulent activities and other fraudulent activities, including non-compete violations.

Special Event Surveillance
Properly positioned surveillance investigators can assist authorities at special events such as high-profile visits, sporting events at schools or other venues, parties or gatherings that have received threats, transportation of high value assets or senior management individuals, or specialized shipping and receiving.