CSI Risk Management

Vulnerability Analysis
Our experienced professionals can review a facility and identify potential security and safety deficiencies.  Often relatively minor, low-cost enhancements, such as lighting or locking mechanisms, can diminish a facility’s vulnerability to danger significantly. Our professionals will help you balance the need for safety and security with the need to accomplish the mission of the enterprise.
Our Senior Security and Safety Analysts works with senior investigative team members to conduct a total review of the clients' property, factory, plant, company facility or other properties. The team analyzes physical security, personal/personnel security, policies and procedures, written guidance, location and relationship to the surrounding neighborhood, threat and risk assessment, and compliance with State and Federal laws.

The CSI Vulnerability Analysis.
The truth about your security.

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Crisis Management / Consequence Mitigation Planning
Crisis Management / Consequence Mitigation Planning assists companies, schools and others in addressing the safety or security breach, if one arises. Having a crisis plan in place and engaging in drills, including “tabletop drills” involving only high level decision-makers, ensure that the company, school or other entity is prepared to respond to a major event. All written reports are designated "Company Sensitive" and consist of observations and recommendations provided to the client to better enhance the overall security posture of affected site(s).

Commitment-Based Security Training

Security involves not merely placing guards or camera equipment at appropriate locales; it involves raising the safety and security consciousness of all persons in the school, workplace, or other facility.  There may be no greater deterrent to safety and security breaches than empowering those in a given area to become committed to safety and security and become willing to notify others when things are askew. This is accomplished through training to avoid complacency.

Executive Protection
Executive Protection Personnel
Security Specialists are commonly used to reduce the security risks in emergency management, anti-terrorism, and counterespionage. CSI has available trained and certified, uniformed and plain clothes security officers to protect corporate executives, celebrities and others requiring security protection. Our affiliates include former law enforcement personnel currently providing services to the corporate and legal community, as well as to various branches of the U.S. Government.