The CSI Story

CSI traces its roots back to 1988 when Robert E. Meinert retired and began his private investigation and security firm after many years in law enforcement and corporate security.  Separately, in 1996, Christine Selden, a Pittsburgh area attorney, obtained her private investigation and security firm license.  Shortly thereafter in 1999, Louis W. Gentile joined Selden’s firm full time after concluding his law enforcement career as President and CEO.  

Gentile-Meinert becomes a trusted regional leader.

In 2001, recognizing existing synergies, Gentile and Meinert partnered to create a comprehensive, professional investigative firm that initially was limited to providing investigations.  They soon recognized that clients required security services to complement the investigations they were providing.  As Gentile-Meinert and Associates’ rapid growth ensued and this new firm quickly grew into a trusted regional leader for both investigations and security services.   

Making expert investigation and risk management accessible to more organizations across the U.S. 

The CSI brand emerged in 2009 when the firm envisioned making expert investigation and risk management services accessible to more organizations across the United States.  Today, CSI has offices in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina and is capable of providing its services across the country and abroad.  CSI continues to experience steady growth in our core competencies which include investigations, surveillance, background research, security services and risk consulting.  CSI's client base includes large national corporations, law firms and government institutions.  CSI also provides services to small and mid-sized companies and individual clients.  

An aggressive pursuit of new and innovative ideas.

CSI is recognized as a national leader in school safety and security with its comprehensive program called Sensible Solutions.  CSI has also developed and delivers education and training through its Academy of Investigation and Protection.  CSI's solid core businesses coupled with an aggressive pursuit of new and innovative ideas has made it a trusted resource for individuals and corporations who require expert security and risk management services.   

The CSI Mission Statement

CSI Corporate Security and Investigations is a professional investigation and security consulting firm which provides a diverse array of expert solutions designed to find and deliver the facts to act that help provide answers to difficult problems, and inspire creative protective systems. Our unique and valuable offerings are developed and delivered by a team of gifted specialists and experts who unconditionally serve the needs of justice, integrity and understanding. The men and women of CSI are mindful that their work transforms the lives and destinies of the people they serve. As such, it is the mission of CSI, its affiliates and employees to serve our clients by first recognizing the inherent dignity and significance of every human being. CSI will also provide our services with irreproachable integrity, a commitment to quality and a passion to provide precise answers to difficult problems.

The core values of Corporate Security and Investigations are as follows:

  • To be mindful of both our Creator and our country as we serve our clients
  • To continuously develop and educate our membership
  • To pursue excellence every day
  • To ethically grow our business