About Us

Born out of one of the most trusted regional investigative firms in the U.S. - Gentile, Meinert and Associates - with a vision to make expert investigation accessible to more organizations. CSI is a unique resource for the attorney, HR VP or corporate counsel that understands the value of expert investigative information, but needs a more reliable, cost-effective source in order to take more advantage of it.

The Right People
Expert. Experienced. At the top of their game.
CSI investigators possess a depth of expertise unlike any other firm in the country. They’re at the top, not the end, of their game. And they’ve joined a unique investigative firm that gives them the opportunity to use their craft to make a real difference.

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Smart investigators who see the big picture.
CSI investigators know how to ask the right questions. They quickly gain an understanding of what you’re really looking for. By understanding the big picture, they deliver the pinpoint investigative facts you need to win cases, make big decisions and resolve complex situations.

CSI Investigations - About Us

A Better Model
Just pick up the phone.
When you work with CSI, you get a local partner and lead investigator that you can literally call anytime of the day or week and have full confidence that you’ll receive a quick, responsive reply.

Deep, specialized resources for a broad range of situations
Your local lead CSI investigator is directly connected to and supported by a deep, specialized team, encompassing virtually any investigative area. Plus in-house counsel, and risk management experts. They’re all staff members not contractors – readily accessible and accountable to the CSI investigative standard. No other investigative firm can pull from such a breadth of talent as quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

A Higher Standard
Swift, reliable and responsive
The critical need for hard-to-get information so often springs up with little time to act – a situation in which CSI investigators deliver like no other. With a swift, reliable source of expert investigation like CSI, you can minimize the amount of investigation you perform yourself, so you can focus on what you do best.

Exhaustive investigation with cost-effective efficiency
CSI investigators are trained experts in exhaustive investigation that doesn’t exhaust your budget. Smart pre-investigative intelligence gathering and a keen knowledge of where to look means you will never find a CSI surveillance investigator sitting idle in a vehicle for 8 hours.

Clear, focused, actionable reports
The Facts to Act. No other investigative firm delivers a precision investigative report like CSI. Analysis, not regurgitation, of the information. Crisp, easy to read presentation and structure. Actionable facts. At CSI, we pride ourselves in being efficient stewards of our time, and yours.