Vulnerability Analysis

A comprehensive, expert analysis. We identify the gaps in the security continuum of your company, school or home. Specific, realistic recommendations that give you an informed basis to create a true, effective system.

Objective security experts. Not security system vendors.

Your CSI Vulnerability Analysis is led by a Senior Analyst with deep, broad security experience and up-to-date knowledge of current technology and common issues. As an objective expert, his focus is on “state-of-the-need” measures to take. Not “state-of-the-art” products to purchase.

A full-spectrum security analysis

We conduct a total review of your property. Perimeter, access, physical plant, people, procedures, events and activities. We perform nighttime observation. We talk to your local, police. We perform a threat and risk assessment. Your security is as strong as its weakest link, and a CSI Vulnerability Analysis does not miss a link in the chain.

Realistic, cost-effective and common sense recommendations

The detailed recommendations in your Vulnerability Analysis Report balance the need for safety and security with the need for day-to-day usability of your property or livability of your home, and budget realities, as well. Often relatively minor, low-cost enhancements such as lighting or locking mechanisms, can diminish a facility’s vulnerability to danger significantly.

Clear, professional reports that make it easy to proceed to action

Your CSI Vulnerability Analysis Report serves as a baseline and detailed guide from which to prioritize and proceed to rapid remedial actions, In the case of a company or school, this includes additional activities in Resource Protection, Crisis Management and Consequence Mitigation, Strike Actions, or other security areas such as long-term budgeting and strategic planning.