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In-house vs. Independent Surveillance: Which helps you better manage workers’ compensation claims and keep costs down?

DIY Investigations?  Know your capabilities and the potential pitfalls before starting. 

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Companies need to have a strategy in place for all workplace investigations, and key to that success is the investigator’s ability to uncover the facts in the case and secure the truth. 

There are certain characteristics an effective investigator possesses:

The Role of Third Party Investigators

Conducting workplace investigations are risky for any organization. In addition to solving and fixing the issue, companies must assure that the ownership and its assets are protected while also limiting the company’s attorney exposure in his/her own case.

On the line is not only the survival of the company, but the need to travel through and emerge from the setback with dignity and confidence. Critical to achieving this is the investigator’s talent and integrity.

Ethical Considerations

The issues that arise for a legal practitioner who decides to utilize a licensed private investigator are myriad.

This CLE-approved CSI course will help lawyers guide investigators so that investigations avoid unintended consequences and help keep internal problems from becoming external ones, mitigate potential morale or other productivity problems, and prevent substantial legal problems and financial losses.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The FCRA contains limitations and landmines that can really confuse the question of how to effectively investigate a workplace incident. Here are the facts to clear up the confusion.

Question this article answers
• Does using an investigation firm trigger the FCRA?
• How do you conduct an effective workplace incident investigation, and maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

New EEOC regulations have increased the legal challenges for employers at both ends of the employment process. How can employers avoid the pitfalls? In a Risk Management Magazine article by Mike Farnan, CSI Asst. General Counsel, and Jessica Milko, CSI Director of Investigative Research, they discuss how employers can avoid liability.

CBS Pittsburgh KDKA radio host Rob Pratte talks Facebook, building security and more with CSI's Lou Gentile.

CSI Investigators played an integral role in the Gateway Center hostage crisis, pulled in by law enforcement to shut down the suspect's Facebook account as the drama unfolded. Rob Pratte and Lou Gentile discuss this, and the broader issue of building security and crisis management.

Listen to the KDKA radio interview

Law Enforcement

A KDKA radio interview with CSI Founder and CEO Lou Gentile. Rob Pratte and Lou talk in-depth about the role of law enforcement in America.

Listen to the KDKA interview.

Tommy Hearn

Tommy Hearn, a former child of abuse, neglect and mental illness, came to CSI on a quest find his long-lost brothers. With the expert help of Jessica Milko and the CSI Investigative Research team, he now knows for the first time in more than two decades he has a family.

Watch the KDKA video