Investigative Research

CSI’s Investigative Research Division provides legal support for human resource offices, business executives contemplating a partnership or other such arrangement, and law firms seeking fodder for cross-examination.

Civil and Criminal Background Investigations
Thorough background investigations reveal information not found in “pass-fail” internet scans designed to eliminate a person from an entry-level work position. Many places will provide these kinds of searches and the results can mislead a potential employer. Complete background investigations include not only the public access records in criminal matters, but also the essential discoveries in civil matters, such as protection-from-abuse orders, liens, and suits filed for or against the subject and business partners.  This information helps clients to make informed decisions about whether to engage in business with certain persons.   

Due Diligence Background Search
Corporate due diligence requires obtaining critical information before making an investment or other business decision. CSI’s Background Division has a vast network of worldwide contacts and state-of-the-art technologies to obtain the necessary information quickly and precisely. CSI finds and analyzes individual and company financial stability, litigation histories, assets, and backgrounds of company officials and executives.  CSI can tailor its reviews to focus on any precise areas of concern raised by clients. 

Asset Investigations
Asset investigation is not “one-size-fits-all”. There’s a different search for each kind of asset, a different cost-effective approach to each investigation. Talk to a CSI investigator. We’re experts at finding hidden assets, and also helping you find out where you stand in the first place.

Uncollected Judgement? Hidden Assets?
We can help.

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Death and Locator Searches
Very often, CSI is called upon to locate persons for estate matters, hospital or next-of-kin notifications, and parents-seeking-children or children-seeking-parents. CSI is mindful of the sensitive nature of these activities and, as always, is mindful of the uniquely confidential nature of such investigations. 

Pre-Employment Background Investigations
Pre-employment background investigations assist employers in knowing precisely whom they are hiring.  In certain professions, such as those who drive others or have contact with children or the elderly, failure to undertake a background investigation could lead to a finding of per se negligence should a problem arise leading to a lawsuit. However, nearly every CSI investigation begins with a comprehensive background check of the subject to assist in understanding his or her actions and tendencies.

Pre-Employment Background Check.
The right hire is more important than ever.

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