We work with motivated insurance companies and fed-up employers looking for surveillance that gets results.

We’re an investigative firm, not a low-bid surveillance vendor. We bring an investigative search for the truth to bear on this costly problem, capturing actionable facts in targeted windows of opportunity, and delivering clear, court-ready video and well-articulated reports that hold up.

Effective surveillance begins with thorough background investigation.

Do your surveillance vendors even perform investigative research? CSI surveillance investigators work closely with dedicated CSI investigative researchers to get critical answers before deployment—significantly increasing the ability to get actionable results in limited windows of opportunity.

Career investigators. Not burned-out contractors racking up a bill.

Burnout is extremely high in surveillance. Not at CSI. Our surveillance is done by trained investigators on a career path. Surveillance is only part of what they do. They are engaged, informed, resourceful, and they’re our people, not sub-contractors. You will never experience a CSI surveillance investigator running up 8-hour days with negative results. Moreover, CSI surveillance investigators are competent professionals able to articulate a clear report and effectively testify in front of a jury.

The strongest case possible. For a real return on the money you spend.

CSI surveillance investigations get results. We deliver high quality, court-ready video directly relevant to the case. Not shaky, inadmissable, irrelevant video of some guy walking his dog. Our clear, professional reports stand up under scrutiny. And CSI is a rare investigative firm armed with highly experienced in-house counsel who know the ever-changing privacy laws, the legality of pretexting, and what’s discoverable in a report. Which can make all the difference in the ultimate effectiveness of a surveillance investigation.

Who we serve.

CSI works with employers, insurance companies, and third party administrators to make a real difference in the fight against insurance fraud.
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Investigative interviewing