When you need a deeper level of due diligence on an investment decision, or maximum recovery of hidden assets, invest in CSI.

CSI is a diverse and efficient unit of investigators like no other. We find the facts that matter about the executives in whom you're investing, that a low-cost internet background check simply would not reveal. We unravel complex and seemingly impossible loss or bankruptcy situations to locate and recover your assets.

Expert investigation. Your protection from the risks of misrepresentation and non-disclosure.

CSI is no ordinary investigative team. It consists of expert researchers, backed by experienced in-house counsel, armed with resourceful field investigators, coordinated by CSI managing directors with direct M&A due diligence experience. They know where to look, what questions to ask, when to dig deeper, and when to put feet on the ground and go to the source. They have the most sophisticated tools available and know how to sift through it all to find and deliver the facts that matter.

Our in-house counsel. Your ace-in-the-hole.

The CSI investigative team includes highly experienced and resourceful in-house counsel. They know how to optimally maneuver the ever-changing legislative and regulatory prohibitions related to background investigations. They know the laws of foreign countries where assets go to hide. They even know how to get an emergency injunction to stop assets from leaving the loading dock.

The facts that matter. Delivered with ultimate efficiency.

The synergy of expertise of the CSI team means our investigations proceed effectively and efficiently toward the facts. We’re able to deliver high-value information without the high price tag of some high-image firms you may know. The value we deliver: maximum confidence in your investiment decisions, or maximum recovery of assets in loss situations.

Who we serve.

CSI works with banks, investors, VCs, Private Equity Companies, M&A attorneys, Trustees/Bankruptcy attorneys, creditors, and anyone who needs maximum confidence in their deals and loans, or maximum recovery of hidden assets.
  • Background investigations
  • Asset investigations
  • Investigative interviewing
  • Surveillance investigations
  • Field investigations