Field Investigations

Corporate Investigations
Business leaders are constantly evaluating and managing the risks associated with operating their particular business.  There are risks unique to certain businesses and other risks experienced by all businesses, such as theft and other criminal misconduct of employees.  CSI acts as a partner in controlling risks in a variety of areas.

Workplace Violence Investigations
Harassment, intimidation, coercion, threats of violence, violence, weapons or threats of weapons in the workplace all result in diminished performance by all employees.  A well-considered safety and security plan utilizing principles set forth in “Commitment-Based Security” training prevent harm from the psychological impact of – and concomitant losses from – fear.  CSI has placed operatives in the workplace to ascertain who might be engaging in such conduct. These investigations are a very effective means to convey to employees that such conduct is simply not tolerated. Nobody is productive in a fearful environment.

Undercover Workplace Investigations
CSI can insert covert operatives into the workplace to ascertain any manner of suspected misconduct. Recent cases have resulted in recovery of lost property and the discovery and termination of significant drug trade on the production floor.  These investigations most importantly will prevent further losses to the companies. Illicit drugs, theft of property, physical threats of harm, time falsification, equipment sabotage, fraudulent documentation, and the dissemination of protected information, among other things, all result in losses to the company. If so desired, our experienced investigators and lawyers work with law enforcement authorities to ensure that the business that identifies and reports illegal activity is treated as a victim of that illegal activity in the eyes of the law and has every right to expect justice accordingly. The deterrent effect of a successful criminal prosecution of employee misconduct is incalculable.

Fraud / Workplace Theft Investigations
It has often been quoted that workplace theft costs employers tens of billions of dollars, and that number increases dramatically each year. Fraud in the workplace takes numerous forms but all forms result in a pecuniary benefit to the person engaged in such conduct and losses to the employer.  CSI offers a range of services to combat workplace theft including application pre-screening and recommendations, thorough background investigations, on-going training, and specific investigations of allegations of theft or fraud. CSI also uses a proactive approach, analyzing the working environment for vulnerabilities and weaknesses which could result in theft, reviewing policies and procedures, inventory control and management procedures, and the investigation of suspected misconduct. As in many investigations, the techniques may include overt and covert investigators as well as in-depth interviews, and cooperation with local authorities as necessary and in conjunction with the company’s legal counsel.  In our experience, a company culture that is intolerant of theft and fraud demonstrated by focused action by company officials to root out such misconduct saves dramatically in the long run.

Sexual, Racial, Age or Other Harassment Investigations
Under the "shifting burdens" test set forth by the U.S. Supreme Court in its McDonnell Douglas decision, the employee claiming harassment must initially make a prima facie showing that he or she was subject to unlawful discrimination in violation of State and Federal anti-discrimination laws.  Assuming that burden is met, the burden then shifts to the employer to show that prompt and effective remedial action was taken, typically in the form of a prompt investigation of the allegation and, if necessary, remedial measures taken. Failure to conduct an effective, objective investigation of a claim of harassment may in itself suggest a hostile work environment. In addition, failure to have a policy and procedure in place to address such harassment as well as failure to conduct training at least annually may be used against the employer in subsequent litigation. Our experience has shown that, even in situations where no harassment can be verified, retaliation claims arise as employees claim that supervisors who investigated the matter failed to treat them the same afterwards. This can be avoided by a reliable investigation conducted by an experienced third party, such as CSI.

Substance Abuse Investigations
Absenteeism, decreased productivity, rising insurance costs, liability expenses, accidents, injuries, and deaths result from employees abusing legal and illegal substances. Our “Commitment Based Security” course teaches people what to look for as telltale signs of substance abuse.  In addition, when substance abuse is suspected, CSI utilizes both covert and overt investigative techniques to discern as well as deter and prevent such abuse affecting the businesses we serve. Often, such efforts ultimately protect and benefit the employee, his or her coworkers, his or her family, and others who could be adversely affected by such misconduct. A well-documented investigation coupled with a progressive disciplinary program can insulate a business from liability.

Accident Investigations
CSI has a distinguished record assisting victims of all types of accidents including motor vehicle, industrial, pedestrian, accidents at home or the office, and accidents in public and private locations including school settings. CSI also has an outstanding record of supporting corporate and other clients against fraudulent accident claims and accusations. We use our exceptional knowledge of OSHA regulations, employment and labor laws and use this insight to aid in our investigations.