CSI Corporate Office

3645 Brodhead Road
Monaca, PA 15061


Phone: 724.775.3577
Fax: 724.775.3599


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Contact: 724.775.3577

CSI Customer Service Director (CSD)

The CSI Customer Service Director has been established to act as a neutral intermediary between CSI and its clients.  When issues or disputes occur related to the services provided by CSI which prove to be difficult to resolve, the CSD will oversee efforts to alleviate the impasse.  The CSD may utilize mediation or an independent panel to secure a remedy.  Further, the CSD will field complaints from clients and champion actions or changes that mutually benefit CSI and their customers.  The CSD reports directly to the CEO of CSI but is not part of the executive leadership group. 

The CSI CSD is Mike Paluselli and he can be reached at 724.888.2412 or