CSI Investigative Case Studies

In-depth examinations of CSI investigations and cases, as well as proactive risk management success stories.

When a service-disabled veteran-owned small business lost a multimillion-dollar bid to a suspicious competitor, they called on CSI to investigate. CSI obtained what other investigators called “impossible” information through expert, exhaustive investigation.

Residents alleged that a company’s operations led to the contamination of groundwater, specifically allowing certain gases to leech into the water supply of the community. CSI’s investigation revealed that gas in the water supply predated the company’s operations in the area. The investigation led to a favorable settlement to resolve the litigation.

Plaintiffs alleged wrongful death and product liability in this case involving death and serious injury to two 10-year-old girls, as a result of a loose fire hose nozzle whipping outside of a fire truck that was turning a corner. The plaintiffs needed to not only show product liability, but first identify defendants in the case, as the original manufacturer had gone out of business and changed hands several time in 30 years.