Attorneys and Law Firms

CSI. An efficient unit of diverse experts like no other.

Working with CSI, you have a trusted local investigator, ready and responsive to your needs, backed by a diverse team of experts. In-house counsel, senior investigators, specialized resources for every discipline—no other investigative firm can pull from such deep, diverse talent so quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Maximize your effectiveness. Make your life easier.

Get effective investigation.
  • Thorough. CSI investigators have the experience to understand your theory of the case and find the facts you need to win. Backed by CSI in-house counsel, they’re fully-informed of relevant law and ethics to make sure facts hold up.
  • Resourceful. They’re seasoned, resourceful investigators who often provide effective, efficient strategies that you may not have considered.
  • Professional. They know how to discreetly handle witnesses, testify, and represent you and your firm with consummate professionalism.

Save time. Free yourself to do what you do best.

CSI investigators are professionals. Their reports are clear, actionable and easy to understand. Trust them to efficiently find the facts, so you can focus your time where you’re the expert.

Stay in budget.

CSI investigators understand that you are a steward of a client’s budget. They are trained, and part of a firm that is driven, to conduct the most effective and cost efficient investigation possible.

Who we serve.

CSI works with criminal defense and civil litigation attorneys and firms.
  • Develop facts
  • Secure evidence
  • Interviewing
  • Statement-taking
  • Court testimony/expert witness
  • Investigative research
  • Locating witnesses
  • Serving subpoenas
  • Juror background profiles
  • Contacts with government
  • Surveillance/undercover investigations
  • Access to additional experts